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No owner wants to see a lifetime of hard work ruined at the final hurdle. So what can owners do to monetise their investment? Planning your succession well in advance of your exit date is key.
There are three main exit routes available.. Finding an external buyer, finding an internal buyer through your existing management team or family succession. Smart owners will take the time to investigate the most relevant options.

External business sale

Advice on selling a business, maximising value, preparing for sale and getting the right buyer. They are all crucial to a successful sale. Take a look at some of the businesses we’ve sold.

Management buy-outs

It seems as close to an ideal solution as you can get: you want to call it a day, but you want to ensure that your company remains in good hands. Who better to sell to than members of your management team? MBO’s have their advantages, but they can have pitfalls that can trip up even the best owners, so seek advice.

Family succession

It’s essential even with family succession that you ensure your own future is financially secure. As emotions and close relationships are heavily involved in these business decisions, an objective viewpoint can help you take a step back and check that your exit strategy fits your own needs. Getting a third party opinion can be particularly important to ensure that your judgement is not being clouded by emotions or family obligations.

Business Success
Business Valuation

Business valuation

Whether it’s an informal opinion or a full written report, we’ve got extensive databases to compare similar deals and comparable companies.

Help with succession planning

We can help with all aspects of succession planning. We’re happy to dip in and out as you need us to during the whole exit planning process.
Here’s just an idea of how LOM can help:

Plan the business strategy to drive maximum value.
Identify potential buyers and management teams.
Track down the right people and systems to move forward.
Make sure your business is well positioned in the market.
Make sure your business is correctly valued.
Consider and prepare for the buyers needs and due diligence.
Tax plan to ensure you pay the least tax possible on exit.
Work through the transitional period to minimise work and stress.
Planning your exit, maximising business value and extracting capital tax efficiently could be the most important decision you make. To do this without professional help and advice could end up costing.