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Who We Are

Commercial, challenging, practical and supportive – these are the cornerstones of LOM Consulting Group. Our culture fosters fresh thinking, problem solving and exceptional service, which is why many of our clients stay with us for generations. Our London team has over 10 years’ experience advising business owners in the creative sector. We work hard to make this expertise count for you and your business. We are accountants to the creative sector.

Why LOM Consulting Group?

Our experts go to great lengths to understand what you need and provide solutions to help you realise your ambitions. Clients seek us out for strategies and techniques to minimise taxes, maximise profits, grow their businesses, preserve and transfer wealth and prepare for a financially secure retirement. You get access to insights, specialist skills and our ability to view each situation as accountants but business people too.

Through our dedicated service teams we advise on almost every aspect of running a business at any state of development – from startup through growth and diversification to disposal.

Team LOM Consulting Group
Consulting Team of LOM Consulting Grou

It’s personal

Our clients are passionate about the work they produce and we endeavour to reflect this passion in the service we provide. We value regular contact and take the time to listen, which means we build a deep understanding of you and your organisation and consequently develop solutions that meet your needs. We aim to make a real difference to our clients by:

  • providing excellent core services
  • using our industry experience and insight to deliver constructive advice
  • being focused on and responsive to individual needs
  • helping to manage change and challenges
  • actively working to improve profitability and the value of your business in the long term

Global reach

If your needs stretch beyond the UK, we can support you through our global alliance. Ranked one of the world’s leading organisations of law, accounting and consulting firms.